Community gatherings may include talks, readings, spoken word poetry, music, ritual, meditative movement, and organized action.

Suggested donation: $10 - 30

Payment Options
Cash /  Check (made out to "Inspired Life Counseling") / Venmo (@L-Tat)
What to Expect!
This loose agenda will give you an idea of what to expect during our Gather CIA event
  • Invite: guided opening that involves grounding, breathing, and connecting to the sacred
  • Inspire: often a musical performance
  • Huddle: a message or reading by a member of our team or a guest
  • Connect: dyads for sharing our thoughts and getting to know each other
  • Movement: unguided portion of free form dance, yoga, writing, and whatever other contemplative enlivening practice you so choose 
  • Share: opportunity to share your writing, poetry, song, or message
  • Call to Action: keeping each other informed about social justice or climate change needs and actions in our community, sharing about community and spiritual resources
  • Release: closing circle, ritual involving circle and song. 


We are committed to making CIA an anti-racist space
The work of anti-racism is to uproot racism from within ourselves, within our communities, and within our institutions. In alignment with these values, we are currently working to: 
  • Heal From White Supremacy and its Impacts: Engaging all white members in addressing our internalized racial superiority, beginning with the exploration of Layla Saad's White Supremacy and Me Workbook. Supporting people of color (POC) members in healing internalized racism.
  • Offer Reparations: Using any excess funds raised by CIA as reparations, giving them directly to community efforts and projects led by and serving people of color in the Ypsilanti area
  • Support POC Spaces and Leadership: Offering support (financially and logistically) for the development of POC-only healing/spiritual spaces and POC leadership of those spaces. Prioritizing POC leadership within CIA. 

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