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This is an ever-changing, ever-growing project that is very much a work in progress. Come be part of our evolution!


“Where we are born into privilege, we are charged with dismantling any myth of supremacy. Where we are born into struggle, we are charged with claiming our dignity, joy, and liberation.”

-adrienne marie brown

Community Inspired Action (CIA) is a co-creative (non-hierarchical, mutually generatedvision for community that is centered around radical (addressing the root), spirit-based (sourced from sacredness) activism (action to bring about social and political change.)
CIA is a space for those who identify as spiritual-not-religious and who see spirituality as innately connected to social justice and activism. We engage in a spirituality that is Earth-based, arising from authenticity, embodied, and actively raising consciousness, internally and externally. We engage in social justice work that defends and lifts up the liberation of all people and protects our sacred Earth. 

As a community, we seek to co-create a world of  positive change, to embody courage, and to materialize our purpose individually and together.
Where we are called to grow, we lean into the discomfort of transformation and growing awareness.
We honor our innate wisdom to guide our action. We embrace our wildness to challenge the status quo. We gather together to weep, to yell, to breathe, to ground, to dance, to come alive, to celebrate, to heal, and to inspire authentic hope. 

​Come join us as we create a new world.
How we create change: 
  • We speak and write and share in order to change the narrative, knowing that new narratives lead to paradigm shifts.
  • We challenge the status quo by speaking our truth and living our authentic lives.
  • We empower the historically marginalized to create our future through their vision. We stand to lift up the voices of people of color, indigenous peoples, women, and queer and trans folks.
  • We support and inspire each other to take action together with the broader community to build on powerful social justice work already happening. We ignite additional action as needed.
  • We hold a space for being, for embracing the unknown, for listening, for uplifting, for loving​.

Ypsilanti, Michigan

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